D2712 Custom RD103

d2712-custom-rd103The D2712 is a customised variant of our popular RD103 fanless computer.

The customer had a requirement for a rugged fanless computer with digital I/O but had a height restriction. The RD103 fulfilled all the specifications apart from the height. We designed a custom version of the RD103 that was reduced in height. The digital I/O was realised through an off the shelf PC/104 module. A transition module PCB was designed which connected to the I/O card via standard ribbon cable (saving many hours of manual wiring) which presented the I/O to the outside world via the green connectors in the picture.

So by taking our standard RD103 product and modifying it, we could fulfill this customer's specific requirements.

This is an example of the work we have done - contact us for further details.