D2557 COM Express Compact Carrier

d2557This customer come to us with a requirement to provide an alternative to a bulky & expensive compactPCI system using off of the shelf hardware. The system was a GSM gateway for use on trains - for providing wireless internet connectivity to customers. The compactPCI rack had multiple compactPCI carriers containing 3G cards.

We created a compact carrier which took the Kontron COMe-cDC2 module. The baseboard had five mini PCI express sockets onboard (for the 3G miniPCIe modules) along with SIM slots and a Trimble GPS receiver. Additionally, the board has a Compact Flash socket for the operating system, onboard dual port Ethernet controller and facility for SATA HDD expansion. Lastly, the baseboard had a socket on the rear for a modular PSU (also designed by Diamond Point) which meant that the system could be tailored to specific train systems/voltages.

We also designed an enclosure for this product. So instead of a 3U compactPCI rack, the customer could use a small rugged box just 50mm x 180mm x 280mm. Additionally, the COM Express module made thermal contact with the enclosure - the system was completely fanless.

This is an example of the work we have done - contact us for further details.