D2481 ETX Carrier

d2481 etx baseboardThe D2481 is a specially designed ETX carrier board for one of our customers. 

The customer had a requirement for:

  • Pentium based computer system
  • System had severe limitations over dimensions
  • Custom circuitry and connectors that an off the shelf could not provide

An ETX solution was ideal for this customer. Diamond Point designed the baseboard to meet the requirements of the customer.

The advantage of the ETX route is simple:

  • In most cases, it means that no wiring is required - just plug the ETX module to the carrier board along with cooling module and that's it. Wiring is an extremely time consuming process. Wiring also contributes EMC issues.
  • ETX allows easier heat removal via the uniform ETX heatspreader.
  • ETX allows customer specific I/O
  • ETX allows customer specific connectors to be used

This is an example of the work we have done - contact us for further details.