D2473 ETX Baseboard

d2473 etx baseboardThe D2473 is a specially designed ETX carrier board. The ETX module is fitted to the underside of the PCB. The underside of the PCB has no connectors which allows easy fitment of the assembly to an external heatsink or cold plate.

All standard ETX interfaces (apart from the LVDS) are brought out to standard PC type connectors or headers. Two additional COM ports are available which can be configured as either RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 (i.e. in addition to the two standard serial ports that the ETX provide, which have been implemented as RS-232. Storage is provided via dual IDE headers. A Compact Flash socket is hard wired to one of these sockets.


  • Power connector
  • Parallel port
  • Two serial ports (option of two additional ports via on-board header)
  • Two external USB, additional two via on-board header
  • HD15 VGA socket
  • RJ-45 socket
  • PC/104 and PC/104+ connectors
  • Dual IDE, compact flash socket

A variant of this baseboard is used in our popular RD-103 product.

This is an example of the work we have done - contact us for further details.