D2448 GPS Baseboard

d2448 gps baseboard

The D2448 GPS interface box is a GPS carrier board designed for a range of Trimble GPS receivers such as:

The unit has a dual TTL to RS-232 transceiver on-board which allows both serial ports of the GPS units to be connected to desktop PCs for development/debug work (note - not all Trimble GPS receivers have two serial ports). Battery backup is provided. PPS output is available on pin 9 of COM2. TTL serial port functionality is optionally available. Power is provided via 5V DC externally. LED indicators show activity for RX and TX on both serial ports as well as power.


  • Power
  • COM1, COM2 (PPS on COM2)
  • Optional antenna connector

Like most manufacturers due to cost and size, the majority of Trimble's products are now SMD (surface mount devices). We have extensive experience in laying baseboards out to accept these modules.

This is an example of the work we have done - contact us for further details.